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Shifting College Course

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As with life, there are some tough choices that we need to make. More so, if we are about to begin a new chapter of our lives, like, getting married, moving out, or deciding on which college course to take. A quarter of our lives are spent deciding on the perfect course but with all the time that we had, why is it that we still doubt the career path that we have taken?

Passion. When a student finally decides to follow his own passion and not that of his parents, course crisis would start to arise. It is in man’s nature to have freedom of self-expression and so in the midst of finishing a degree, he decided to change courses, one that is more his own.

True Calling. Most of us pick our courses because of influences. We are still very indecisive at this stage and would take whatever solution is presented to us. What if we finally discover what we are truly meant for? What if we realize that we should be doing something on another field. What then? Do we still continue? Just study again? Maybe this moment of thought will just go away by itself? I don’t think so.

Job Market. Let’s be honest. Money is probably the most influential driving force why we choose our courses. What if right when we are in the middle of finishing our studies there’s a sudden change in opportunities. Take Nursing for example, it’s the hottest trend in college education but we are hearing recent news that there is an oversupply of nurses in the country. Would you shift to a more in-demand education or try to wait it out and see?

Well, if there were concrete answers for uncertainties, human beings will be well oiled machines. Passion is closely associated with desires which unfortunately is given bounds by the current realities. Let’s say that you do pursue whatever it is that you prefer than to go along with the majority of individuals who would take the already paved path of certainty. Some may succeed while other would fail on following their passions. It depends on the determination of the individual. The extremes. Since sticking to the practical course and prepare for life after school only requires practical determination, the practical outcome also occurs. The middle ground. If you’re not certain about anything, do what others do. If you’re passionate as well as determined, do what you want to do.

It takes guts to manifest yourself and be absolutely free rather than sticking to the social norms without feeling the pressure of society.