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Shiner Bock Dark Beer

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My boyfriend loves beer. He tried every kind at least once. He is always trying to find a beer that not only looks like it will taste good, but taste good. An affordable price, and a nice looking bottle would be nice. Well we just happened to go to the store and he got to looking like he always does and he came across this beer. It was yellow and black with a ram on it. Its called Shiner Bock. So he got a six pack and to his surprise it was affordable but as a luxury not really an everyday price. When we got home and he popped one open and took a drink, the look on his face was priceless, I knew he was in love. The beer is not just a beer, its like a little bit of heaven stored in a bottle. Shiner Bock goes down so smooth. It tastes amazing, and the bottle looks great. As you drink the beer every drink is like the first. The taste is just so fresh and smooth its like your tasting something new with every drink. Shiner Bock is like nothing I have ever tasted and that's saying something. I think the best part is that it is strong but it doesn't hit you like others, you slowly feel the affects. But don't drink and drive after or while you drink this beer or any beer or that matter. But if you are looking for something new that not only taste great going down but also is affordable, about 6 to 8 dollars for a 6 pick, is not inexpensive but it's definitely not expensive. It is amazing so look for it next time you have a party or a date with your loving partner. Remember Shiner Bock.