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Short Story Writing

By ladychai on
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No, I am not a versatile writer and I also know that I still have much to learn to improve and perfect my English grammar. English has been my second language. Filipino language has around 90 dialects combined yet most Filipinos know how to speak and write English. Most of the time, we only know our main dialect and then English rather than learning all the 90 languages. Because we have been adapting English as our mode of communication during our school years. Because of English as well, I learned to write short stories and this has been my hobby since I was 13 years old.I have written a lot of short stories with which most are taken from my dreams, daydreams and nightmares. I have a very imaginative mind because I have been reading books way before I started school, a habit my daughter has picked up.

Writing short stories has been my escape from boring afternoons during vacations, also if there are dreams that I want to remember, I would write them. Whenever I would have time to read them again, sometimes it would make me laugh and thought of how silly I was when I was writing the stories. There are also stories that I have written that would bring back memories.

It also helped me check if I made some mistakes where grammar and spelling is concerned. I believe that when you write, you improve yourself grammatically. This gives you a chance to express yourself because your writing will depict your soul and your existence in this world.

When I started handling a position in the company I am working, I would encourage my grammatically challenged subordinates to try reading and writing because reading alone will not help.

When writing a short story, the most important thing one must remember is the storyline and the plot. Because these two will help you compose the entire story itself.