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Sibling Rivalry Is Not Necessary

mary60 By mary60 on
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Everyday I see more and more sibling rivalry. I know all about each person being an individual, and their right to express themselves. Underneath these feelings are the real feelings of children and their need to be jealous of their sibling. Whether this comes from not sharing, to one gets more attention than the other, to someone knowing more about things than the other, I just really don't get why this happens. Children are brought up in the same household, with the same type of surroundings, and they feel they need to have that little edge over the other sibling. Why can't they get along when they are young? The consent arguing, bickering, and fighting drives me crazy. If you try to talk to one the other feels left out, and if you try to talk to both, they seem to want to talk over the other one, no end to this attitude. Does this make for a bad parent, I don't think so, but how to resolve these type of rivalry is behond my comprehension. Do our children think ahead to the future and see how all of this is a waste of time- Of coarse not!

I have even seen the jealous rivalry continue into some grown people who have their own children. They feel that their parents(now grandparents), show favortism to some grandchildren over theirs, and thus the rivalry continues. I just don't see the need for all of this rivalry, when times are hard enough for the family unit. What makes adults think like this, when the kids are great and the adults continue the rivalry into adult hood?

Having raised my own children, and things weren't perfect, but the type of rivalry i see today in the families of friends is unbelievable, and heartfelt. I can't even imagine how they are able to control both the children and the adult rivalry, that takes up so much of their family time together. Our time is so short, that we don't know what one day to another will bring, and why would they waste that time.

Update On Apr 26, 2010: Once again this week i have seen this unexcuseable behavior in adults. Adults showing jealous ways toward children. I still think these so called adults need a rude awaking to what they are doing to children. Adults feeling jealous toward children, is just so wrong!!!