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Single Gender Classrooms

Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Single Gender ClassroomsWith so many reports on how boys are encouraged more so than girls in the classroom it is no surprise that we see more schools experimenting with single gender classrooms. Single gender classrooms are popping up in many schools these days. Single gender classrooms are what they sound like. It's keeping boys in one classroom and girls in another. The reasoning is that it creates a better classroom environment for the children. Girls are more likely to speak and voice their opinion when they are not worried about what boys think. Boys will spend more time focusing on a lesson than impressing girls.

I got to student teach in a single gender classroom of all females. I also taught some in the boy's classroom. It does allow you to hone your lesson plans to what females or males might like best. Some say discipline problems decrease in single sex classrooms. I found that was true in the girl's room but not necessarily always true in the boys room.

However, putting girls and boys in separate rooms allows a teacher to spend more time on subjects that girls or boys are weak in. The teacher can push the children into areas where that might not otherwise go such as more computer classes for girls and more writing for boys especially in creative writing like poetry.

The reason single gender classrooms angers some is that they feel it causes little social growth but this is not true if you allow them to have recess and lunch together. School dances also promote social growth.

The studies on this subject still show varied results as it is still a fairly new area. Many studies say that grades improve. I say that I did witness girls being more involved in the classroom and the boys seemed more attentive once class got started. It was a wonderful new experience.