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Single Life

Denise Wy By Denise Wy on
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Single people UNITE!

First of all, before I begin. I am an NBSB meaning No boyfriend Since Birth. Am I sad about it? Well, maybe, maybe not.

There are a lot of good reasons on stating single. You can enjoy and have freedom in your life and focus on your career. Some people say that singles live a sad life because no one is there to make them feel special and be love which I stongly disagree. Why? Because we single people have our family and friends who will always live and support us no matter what. Though it really makes me a little bit envious if you are surrounded by friends who are in a relationship. Who needs a hubby when there are a lot of people who loves us?

Some people may say that the reason a person stays single is because they are unattractive. You know what? Screw them! It may be the initial reason why people get attracted to someone. If you are beautiful then you will gave everybody's attention but in the long run, if they discovered that you have a bratty attitude then your looks and beauty would be meaning less.

We can't rush true love. It will eventually come when the right time and the right person comes. Some resort to online dating which could be dangerous knowing that you don't really know who the person you are dealing with. I have nothing againts online dating but here in our country, countless of females who resorted to online dating only experienced molestation.

We must enjoy our single life as we can because once we have committed ourself to someone, there is no backing up. Relationship is not something to be taken lightly because it's a serious phase in our life that needs to be think through a lot of times.