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Smoking Can Be A Gene Factor

By ladychai on
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Whilst on way to work, I chance upon listening to the radio with the cab driver. The radio station jock talk about smoking and that the tendency to smoke can be because your genes are designed to do so.I googled about it as it caught my attention and my curiosity being a smoker myself. I learned that there are reasons why there are individuals who are having a hard time quitting smoking. Even if one quits, there is still a big chance that he or she will go back to smoking. There is also a reason why there are individuals who are prone to smoking even though earlier in their lives they never smoke. Another factor are people who are most likely to get sick because of smoking.

There are different variants of genes that have significant impact on the health and the smoking behavior of a smoker. But it all boils down to these three factors; Initiation, Quitting, Proneness to illnesses.

It has been established long ago that smoking can cause lung cancer but one could just wonder why there are still people who smoke despite knowing this, why there are still people who will not quit even if there are a lot of warning signs being imposed with regard to smoking. Individual DNA shows your vulnerability to smoking, your adaptability and willingness to quit. The chromosomes actually determine at what age a carrier of the smoking gene is expected to learn how to smoke. Another type of chromosomes also determines when an individual will quit or if the individual has the ability to quit.

There are a lot of recent studies that collaborate to this new theory and most of the times the study shows similar findings. Knowing this does not justify why I smoke however it educated me about quitting my smoking habits not only for the benefit of my health but also for my love ones and the planet earth.