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Social Networking Sites Big Phase?

kim eccott By kim eccott on
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Seems im the only soul in the world who does not seem to grasp this whole facebbok, twitter, myspace thing..i have seen a few people who have had to deal with the aftermath of those sites either due to certin friends on there lists or someone who has nothing better to do than wreck someones life.

I think its ok for those who use it properly but just seems no one can live without it. I used to have an account but it caused problems with my family and friends and partner, There seems to be a tempting urge that will look up old mates or exes or sometimes family members and thats when you open the big black book of your loved ones past antics or previous partners.

My friend found out she had a real dad and a step dad from peeking through her mums account which i must say is not the first time i have heard of things like that. I thought the phase would wear off in time but seems its still going stronger than ever and people are spending more time on social networking sites than watching the television!! It does have good points i guess like finding lost family and friends but is it all that good?

People seem to add anyone like a competition to see who can get the most on their lists. Half the time dont even know each other. It is known to cause breakups galore too, my partner has account but i never see it or ask too i would hate to see whats on there because of his job etc and i see him everyday so have no need to check on what random status i see.

I have seen a few and its like, im just going loo.. i feel sick.. and ones like wish people would leave me alone what do they expect when put that as a status for goodness sake its like an attention thing secretly wanting people to comment on it.

Get alot of hackers to via social networking and also uprise on bullying its easy quick and can even disguise yourself its a perfect way for bullies to attack their victim which has also lead to sucides etc. I f there was a campaign to scrap social networking i would join or even if they tightened the sites a lot more making it less of a problem.