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Some New Baking Products For The Upcomming Holiday Season.

By polaskey3 on
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For my first review, i thought that i might start with something that i enjoy, and that would be baking.

I was in the grocery store recently, and in the baking aisles, (it always draws me in), and i noticed some new products from Duncan Hines. They were called, Amazing Glazes, they came in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. I tried the chocolate this time around.

The glaze comes in a plastic bottle, with very easy to follow instructions. You first unscrew the little red lid and remove the plastic seal, and place in the microwave (on high) for 35 seconds, carefull not to over heat. Replace the little red lid and shake. If it shakes real easy and does not feel thick then you do not to heat any further. Pour warm directly on your cake.

The glaze comes out nicely, i had no problems with clumping, or it setting quickly. The instructions say that you can refrigerate after you have used the amount that you need, but i used it all i have no comment on how well leftovers do.

The glaze was very glossy and it still is glossy after 3 days, a little tacky but nothing major. The drizzle effect worked really well on the white bundt cake that my girls and I made.

Another cake that the glaze would have good on is Duncan Hines other new cake mixes called Decadent Cakes, the chocolate glaze is pictured with the triple chocolate cake mix, they have classic carrot and apple caramel as well. I did not get a chance to try the cake mixes, however will be trying them in the near future.

If you are able to visit their website (Duncan Hines), they have videos on the glazes, how they work, and other ideas to use the glazes on, like chocolate covered strawberries. The cake mixes are also talked about at their website. I hope this review was helpful, and you enjoy these glazes as much as I did they were fun to use, and a lot less mess.

Untill then happy baking!