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Spanish Conquistadores

David Zheng By David Zheng on
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In this world history is written by the victor. Whether the conquistadores were heroes or villains is only a matter of opinion. Given all the history textbooks that we have today we know the truth to both sides of the story. From the conquistadores perspective is was righteous because it was for their god, glory, and countries sake. In retrospect the Indians who had their land taken, relatives killed, and their culture mutilated would consider the people as true desperados. Though it is true wrongs actions cannot be forgiven for all the good deeds done, we can make an exception for the conquistadores. It is because of these conquistadores that North and South America is the way it is today. For the better or for the worse our own nation itself would not be the same if the conquistadores didn’t come along. Even if they didn’t do what they did the Indians may have been conquered by some other group. Why is this, well it is simply that within our human nature there is a desire and will to conquer and adapt. When people conquered nature they then started to conquer each other.

The Indians were primitive and weak compared to the Europeans in shining armor, and thus the strong prevailed and the weak crumbled. The Indians withered away like dead flowers because they couldn’t adapt to the presence of these Europeans. The Indians were at a disadvantage not knowing what the motives of the conquistadores were. Additionally their technology and tools were primordial compared to those of Europeans. However with their arrival the New World acquired many new ideas and items such as guns and livestock.

The conquistadores also should not be held accountable for the widespread deaths of the many Indian groups. Mainly because it was not them would caused all the murders people say they committed. While it is true they did kill people, the true murderer that is responsible for the innumerable deaths of the Indians were the diseases brought by the conquistadores. So therefore in actuality it was just nature taking its toll on the ill-fated Indians who were sheltered in the Americas from these Old World diseases. With due time if the conquistadores had not come the Indians would have encountered these diseases anyway.

In their own book conquistadores were great heroes. They converted many natives of the Americas into their religion, spread their culture, and educated them. Like any other people they were trying to enforce what they believed and knew onto other people. Much similar to the United States getting involved with other countries’ affairs and educating them on what they know. Everyone has their own separate sets of beliefs and opinions, and the conquistadores are no different than any other people. Is it so wrong for them to fight and conquered for they believe in? Their reasons and causes might not have been the best, but in the end they became heroes because they did their jobs. A hero is defined as a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. The conquistadores meet these standards and paved the way for many of the new civilizations that exist today such as the United States and Brazil. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together.