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Speeding Ticket

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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Big Brother IS watching!!

Have you noticed all the video cameras mounted on poles at busy intersections and at school crossings? Also, I've noticed them on the freeway here in the Pacific Northwest. (No sneaking into the carpool lane until the signs say its okay!)

A few months ago, I happened to be driving through a high school zone at just about the time the bell rang to dismiss classes. There are signs on the road fronting the school that flash a warning that students are present and to decrease your speed. These signs are set up to flash before school, at lunch time, and after school. But when I traveled this road, I was only driving 35 miles per hour, which is the normal speed limit, and the signs were not flashing!

A few days later I received a picture of my car in the mail, along with a speeding ticket! It was a $90.00 speeding ticket! Even though I passed the sign before it lighted up and began flashing, I still was fined, because it must have turned on seconds after I passed it. Tickets that are given because of video taped evidence do not go on your driving record, though, thank goodness!

I don't know if all communities in the United States are using this technology, but if they aren't now, they probably will because this is a way for them to earn revenue without very many man hours.

If you haven't encountered these video cameras, be warned! You know those times that you are in a hurry and you just don't want to wait for the light? We used to be able to get away with sneaking through the intersection, barely beating the red light - but not anymore!

I think it is probably a good technology that makes us safer, more law abiding drivers. I know that for myself, I have "cooled my jets" quite a bit.