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Splash Island Resort

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School break is nearing as well as summer season and for sure every family will be busy planning their getaway. Beaches, swimming pools and resorts will be jam-packed with people trying to get away the heat of summer with an aqua thrill adventures.

Splash Island located in Biñan, Laguna is a resort with world class facilities that will surely gives every visitor a complete aqua day adventure. It has several long and curling giant slides that will surely satisfy those thrill seekers. Also in this resort are several rides great for families, doubles and singles as they take a long and winding slide aboard the rubber float as riders await for a big splash in the end. There are lifeguards everywhere, clinic station and paging system. The entrance fee is very affordable as it comes with free cottage. Although food and drinks are not allowed inside, you can choose from 60 plus concessionaires inside the resort that not only offer local food but foreign food as well. During summer season they feature different rock bands to entertain visitors plus occasional affairs that will surely add to the enjoyment. For those who want to relax in a spa there's an in-house Rhe Juva Nature Spa and there's also a playground. The resort is so spacious that you can do paintball and trekking. Below are just some of the 12 slides available in the resort:

Rio Montañosa - a ride perfect for families or group of 4

Magellan's Drop - a thrill seeking individual slide (a drop you shouldn't miss)

Agos Grandes - wave pool

Curl-of-the-Orient, Twin Coco Knots & Bannakita - slides for the kids

The family had great times last summer of 2009 at Splash Island Resort. We visited the resort three times and every visit feels like the first one. This summer of 2010 they feature floating volleyball field, floating playground and floating wall climbing. Kids and I can't wait to visit the resort again this summer.

This summer season come and visit Splash Island Resort and get to enjoy summer season and have fun swimming, riding and siding.