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Spread 'Em! Scott Lawn Spreader!

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I just want to sing the praises of lawn spreaders, I had been given on many years ago, and found it to be a brilliant way of spreading an even supply of fertiliser onto a lawn. My version, is a small one by Scotts. The model I have has changed style, but they still sell them for about £30. I do realise that is a lot of money, but if you have a large enough lawn to justify it, you will find that you can have your lawn all the same colour, all areas just as lush as the others, and with no bits that have more growth than average.

The modern ones have a plastic hopper, while the on I have is steel. The mechanism is identical though, and it is so simple there is nothing to go wrong. Some people have a deep hatred of these, because they don't understand them, they think that you have to march around with Military presicion, otherwise there will be too much or too little fertiliser dropped. You can walk, run, or slow march if you like, the faster you go, the more you spread, simple.

You will find these suitable for spreading Scott's or Evergreen fertiliser. The hopper is a decent size, and the wheels do not dig in to the lawn. The only controls you have is a trigger, just on or off, and the spreader will deposit fertiliser in 18 inch strips.

I had to repaint mine because of the rust, but with plastic you will not have such problems. I suppose a steel hopper is not the best idea, but it is nice to know they have learned something from this little mistake. I am a great admirer of lawns, but I have to admit looking at a bad lawn is not a pretty site. With all the modern fertilisers and tools about, there is no excuse really. If you don't like looking after a lawn, there are many easier options, the choice is yours.

As you may well have guessed, I am recommending this little marvel to you all.