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Spring Cleaning Tips

Robin Crossman By Robin Crossman on
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Spring is just around the corner and that means that its almost time to get rid of clutter and dust. I like to begin my spring cleaning by getting rid of clutter in my closets and cupboards. To start, I go through my closets and dresser drawers and pick out any clothes that no longer fit or I no longer wear and I put them aside to donate to my local charity. If something is too tattered, faded or stained to give away then I put them in a garbage/recycling pile. I do the same for my husband's and kids' clothes. This also gives me an idea of what I have to purchase for the spring/summer. Children are always outgrowing clothes so it is important to sort through their clothes on a reguar basis. After I have cleaned out my closets, I go through all of my cupboards, including my bathroom vanity cupboards. I pick through anything that I don't use and either throw it away or give it away. I get rid of all cosmetics and hair products that I no longer use or that have expired. It is also a good idea to go through your medications and throw out anything that has expired. Then I wipe down the inside of the cupboards and pledge the cabinet doors to get rid of the dust.

Another area that needs cleaning and decluttering is the office. I am always bombarded with unfiled bills, invoices, and receipts. I buy banker boxes and organize my paperwork into categories in file folders to make it easier for my accountant to find things. You can dust off your computer station, file your paperwork, and organize your desktop to make it neater. If you come across any junkmail or other paperwork that you know you will not need in the future, throw it out!

Another part of my spring cleaning is wiping down all of the baseboards and walls and applying a fresh coat of paint to stained or faded trim or painting over any marks on the walls that cannot be removed. I also like to give my windows a good cleaning once it gets warm enough to open the windows. A very handy tip is to wipe your windows in one direction on the outside and wipe them in the opposite direction on the inside. That way, if you have any streaks, you will know which side of the window the streaks are on.

Happy Cleaning!