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Stand Up America

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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I am so tired of Sarah Palin and the dumb things she says not to mention all her lies. I think she should stay in Alaska and leave people alone. I believe that she is just on a warpath because she did not win the election, she calls herself a Christian yet she acts nothing like it. Then there are those that are just so mean and vicious, putting Hitler mustaches on his Pictures, all the lies the Tea Party and GOP are spreading I wonder do they know we can check this information at any time its like a DUH! So far, I am impressed with the way Obama handles things he I like that he is trying to unite the country and make change that we so desperately need. I was not going to vote for him but I did because he really cared about people. President Obama had a horrible mess on his hands when he took over the Whitehouse, and we all know what a mess our country was.

President Obama had two wars to deal with, the books were already in the red, and The President had to work hard in his first year. President Obama had to work hard to get the banks to pay us back and work on getting the Country working again and he has done that. He had to reunite us with other countries because they had all lost faith in us. He has gotten other country leaders to respect us again, turned the economy around, the banks are paying us back, and we have Healthcare and much more.

Instead of Tearing down President Obama and showing prejudice, I think that Mrs. Palin, the GOP and Tea Party should Thank, our President for all he has done for the USA.