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Start Now, Take Action

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Why do you think people succeed in their business? Is it because of luck? Maybe yes. Their smart and creative thinking? Hmm.. Absolutely. Their financial management? Okay, that should be one factor. But in my own opinion, it's their BRAVE decision to start their own business. Of course, it can't be denied that the above factors that I mentioned would also give contribution to one's successful business.

Why bravery comes in the first place in determining one's success in business? Because it will be the starting point of your business' journey. And I'm sure, without it, you will never know that you will succeed. Now, not many people can do this. Some people may have bright ideas, smart calculation, quick surveys on what they are going to start the business with. But all of those things will be useless unless they take action. Now it may sound so simple, but I assure you, it's NOT that simple. Take for example, my brother. He had been preparing his cell phone business for around one year before he finally decided to start his business. He had been through back and forth during that year, whether to open his cell phone counter or not. And after some time he reached one point and thought, "If I don't do this now, I will never be able to open my counter." It's very important to believe in yourself, that you REALLY are meant for this to happen. Don't think about whether it's going to fail or not, because if you think you have made all the preparations needed (including a good planning on the cost and income and how you would maintain you business), you have nothing to worry about. Positive thinking will help you in gaining strength. So act now, and let fate do the rest. It's NOW or NEVER.