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Stay Home When You're Sick

alice By alice on
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We are now 11 weeks into the new year. Of that, I have been sick for 4 of those due to a co-worker who does not stay home when they are sick. Do you ever wake up with a scratchy throat, runny nose, coughing up and blowing out green boogies, body aches, fever, chills, etc?? Did you know you are most contagious the first two days after you start having symptons?? Obviously this person is into pain or inflicting it onto others by coming into work, not seeing a doctor until it is too late, and making many of us miserable in the office.

I got my flu shot last fall, wash my hands every hour, use hand sanitizer in between, try not to touch my face, take vitamins and airborne daily, keep my office door closed when I have to, but that still doesn't seem to be enough.

I've now had a sinus infection and bronchitis at the same time twice this year. Once in January while we were on vacation at Walt Disney World to watch my daughter run in two marathons. I ended up on the couch of our hotel suite while hubby enjoyed the king size bed to himself in the bedroom. I was not able to attend either marathon or enjoy anything else about our vacation. A trip to emergency care, antibiotics, cough syrup with codeine (knocked me for a loop) kept me from doing much of anything.

Last week I was in to see my doctor after getting sick again, the results being another sinus infection and bronchitis (thanks to the same person). I was given antibiotics called zithromax or z-pak, much stronger this time. Again the cough syrup with codeine, and this time an inhaler to add to the mix. I am still wheezing and coughing today and go in to the doctor again on Friday for a follow up.

My point here is, please, if you are not well, think of the other people who could get sick if you come into work. Are you really able to work to your full potential when all you do is hack and cough all day? Are you contagious? If so, you will not only infect others but they in turn will infect more people. You need to rest and let your body do the healing. If you are taking any type of medication that would make you loopy (like my codeine laced cough syrup), should you even be behind the wheel of a car and driving to work?

What about the other people in our office who also got your bronchitis and some even worse. How many days of work did we miss because of you? How much did we pay to go to emergency care, our doctors, and finally all the prescriptions we had to purchase.

I realize not all illnesses can be prevented but I think some common sense should be used. Our future son-in-law contracted H1N1 in February. WHY?? Someone did not take care of themselves by staying home. That was a very scary time for all of us and he was deathly sick for a week and it took a long time to recuperate after that.

Next time you wake up not feeling well, think about yourself, and secondly, about all of us who could possibly get infected from you!!