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Stay Sober With Fre Wines Don't Drink And Drive

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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I do not drink alcohol it has been about twenty years since I have had or tasted any alcohol. My father passed away in December and we had to wait for the certificate to have his ashes put to sea as was his wishes. Everyone around me was drinking and I was real upset not that people were drinking; it had become very real that day that I would never talk to my father or laugh with him and sit on his lap or get a warm hug.

A few days later, I wanted a glass of wine very bad but not bad enough to actually have a glass of wine. I went to the grocery store to get some ice cream and found some non alcoholic wine called fre so I thought I would try it I figured it wouldn't be any different than drinking apple cider.

When I got back to my moms, I chilled the bottle and later when my mom and I were watching a movie, I had a glass. I was amazed it tasted like wine with out the alcohol and it settled my craving for a drink. They have several different kinds of alcohol free wines, I tried the Zinfandel and found it very appealing and inexpensive I will now be serving it at holidays instead of Apple Cider.

If you are like I am and do not want to drink alcohol or you live in an alcohol free environment I would suggest these wines if you are looking for away to have the taste with out the alcohol.

With Fre, wines you can be the designated driver and still feel like you are drinking.

Check them out on-line at http://www.frewines.com Don't Drink and Drive you will be saving your life and someone else.