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Staying Home With My Children

By momijw on
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Being a stay at home mother was the best decision I've ever made. As a result of my staying home, I think my children understand just how important they are to my husband and I and they also know that they will always be well taken care of. It had been a blessing for all of us as a family.

Twelve years ago I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my son Jimmie. My husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, and I didn't question if one of us would stay at home and take care of him. The only question was to which one of us would actually be staying home instead of being out in the workforce. We were young, but we were not stupid and we did not take parenting lightly either. In the end we decided that it would be best if I stayed home, only because the store I was working for was about to go out of business. Trust me when I say that my husband would have been an equally good choice as a stay at home parent. It was a good decision for me because it meant that I got to be there for every first that our child went through, first tooth, first step, and first word. I was overwhelmed at first, as any parent is, but I loved being with Jimmie every day and watching him grow and learn. As a result, I believe that he learned to trust and realize that I was never going to let him down.

With our second and third child there was never a question, I stayed at home and took care of them as well. I was there for everything they did, everything they learned. Now that I have two in school I am able to be there at the school when they have a program that they are in or when they get an award. I am at every basketball game and spelling bee, I cheer them on and celebrate with them when they win, but I also pick up their spirits if they lose. There is never a question if I will be there when they go to camp or have a friend stay overnight. I am there for everything because that is my job, I love my job and I am good at it.

Having one paycheck, versus two, is hard sometimes. My kids have gotten turned down more than once when they ask for a new video game or a new toy, but I think there are a lot more important things in life. To me having kids that are well behaved and who feel loved and listened to are more important than having extra money to spend any day. We are a family unit and we love each other and will always be there for each other, in good times and in bad too. We can lean on each other and we don't need anyone else, we are all we need. Staying at home gives me the opportunity to be close to my kids, to let them know there is always someone there to talk to and laugh with. I know more about them than I would if I went to work every day and I love that fact. Being a stay at home mother was the best choice for me, I will always feels blessed by that decision!