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Stem Cells: Potential New Generation Of Medicine

By ladychai on
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Not everyone know what stem cell is. If we put its description in layman's description, stem cells are like rubbers, no matter how you stretch them they always have the ability to go back to its original form. Yes, stem cells have the ability to regenerate old or worn out cells in our body, in other words they repair whatever is broken in our body without losing their consistency. Recent scientific study shows the benefits of stem cells specially for those with diseases that affects our blood like leukemia. I have seen a report regarding stem cells in the television once and the show featured a woman with diabetes. She underwent stem cell therapy and the result was dramatic. She professed that stem cell therapy really works, her leg was to be amputated but thanks to stem cells, she did not lose anything in her body anymore.

There has been a lot of questions regarding stem cell however, and although the benefits have already been proven, stem cells are quite difficult to acquire. Researchers have proposed to get this from early embryos but there are those that contested this as it is actually considered as an act of manipulating life itself. Embryonic Stem Cells are the best since they are responsible in creating the organs of the fetus, if this is used then there is a big chance that all the malfunctioning organs of a living human being will function once again. Another type of stem cells can be found in bone marrows, heart and lungs. These are called the Adult Stem Cells, they are very difficult to harness as they are less likely to replicate in the laboratory.

The only way to generate stem cells are through reproduction and cloning and both are being debated in terms of whether it is morally correct or not. For the embryonic stem cells, there have been controversy that even as an embryo, it is already considered to have a life and as such is comparable to killing or abortion as you are considered to be stealing certain amounts of stem cells and may have an effect on the developing embryo.

If one would come to think of it, if stem cells will be accepted as a valid and if scientists will be able to properly differentiate tissues in terms of its type and how it can affect a damaged tissue, then stem cells can be considered as the cure of all cures. Many diseases that as considered to be incurable now can easily be treated through utilizing stem cells.