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Street Art Is Not Vandalism

By ladychai on
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You think it is just another form of vandalism done on an empty wall where passers by can see but actually the artist involved in street art put a lot of effort into these graffiti. I have had the opportunity way back my highschool days to participate in a street art competition. My school sent some representatives to participate in the event and I was lucky enough to have convinced my English teacher to let me join. My class happens to be a haven of artistic students that time so not everyone got to participate.

At first I did not know what to expect since Street Art was relatively new at that time and the contest was on its launching year. We were given sets of paint but we had to buy more since the paint given to us were not enough. There were five of us sharing one wall somewhere near a mall and we competed with some notched artist from other schools and even professionals so there was a lot of pressure on our side.

A lot of disagreements flourished whilst bringing our art to life, in fact, one of our team mates was sent back to school because of lack of participation. Angry words went flying because of differences in artistic depictions. In the end we were able to finish but we did not win. The good thing about the experience though is that we made some friends who share the same passion in art. We were also given some points by veteran artists so there was a lot of learning during the entire experience. But the most rewarding was seeing our art in a wall and this art is seen by a lot of people passing by. For one whole year our art is alive and every time I pass by in that street corner I would feel proud. I have done it. It was able to show that I can make a difference by showing my talent. They may not know who painted the drawings in the wall but I feel proud every time there are people who appreciated it.

All in all, depending on what the artist or artists wants to convey and how to convey the message behind their drawing, the fact is this is a new generation of art.