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Stumble Upon: Discover Cool Sites!

R Benjamin By R Benjamin on
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A while ago, I discovered a internet web page called, "StumbleUpon." I didn't know what it was, so I tried it out. I signed up for an account (it was very quick and easy) and tried to find out what it was. Basically, StumbleUpon is a site where you can find new, cool, and wacky webpages of stuff. It has a "smart" rating system. When you visit a site it "stumbled" you to, you can thumb the site up or down. This does two things:

1. It recognizes that you like / dislike that type of site.

2. It adds your recommendation / dislike to a sort of "mass index" of all the votes for that same webpage.

Depending on the overall number of thumb ups / thumb downs that webpage receives, StumbleUpon will either show the site to more relevant users, or stop showing it to anyone. This is a very effective system, as people who like a certain kind of content will be shown what they want, and will be able to rate it with more knowledge than someone who had no clue about what they were looking.

You can choose your favorite topics from a large list that covers pretty much every topic. I chose computers, humor, software, music, animation, and several other topics, and whenever I visit StumbleUpon and log in, I can easily "stumble" to find cool sites related to those topics. The more you use StumbleUpon, the more relevant sites you get and the more likely it'll be that the sites that are shown to you will be interesting to you. I really love StumbleUpon and would recommend it to anyone who wants to find cool sites on the web without having to search for them. StumbleUpon works great and I'm sure you'd like it too.