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Style Or Comfort?

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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I really can't understand how in the world my daughters and all the young women I see these days can wear today's fashionable shoes all day long. Yes, heels make your legs look longer, and pointy toes are "in", but wow, they can really cause physical damage over the long term.

Sure, I remember when being "in style" was important to me, but it never required physical pain as I recall! Today's career women have to suffer to fit in.

I have to admit that to see a woman that knows how to walk in high heels is entertaining - until I think about the pain she must be ignoring in order to do it.

Experts say that walking in high heels causes posture adjustments that can result in a misaligned spine. The hips and knees are also affected adversely. In the long run, the extra wear and tear on the knees can cause osteoarthritis. Further down the leg, the calf muscles tighten in heels and may cause a shortening of the muscles (bursitis). The pain that this effect alone can cause should be reason enough to forego the heels for a more sensible shoe. On down to the foot then, brings us to the most obvious source of pain - the ball of the foot where the whole of your weight rests when wearing heels.

The stiff backs of high heels can cause what is known as "pump bump" on the back of the heel from constant rubbing. If the toebox of a shoe is too narrow, then bunions can form. Bunions are another very painful affliction. These are the main problems caused by wearing high heeled shoes, though there are others that I haven't mentioned.

It is a rare thing when young people will learn by being told rather than learning the hard way, so I'm afraid we will have a whole generation of ladies with a lot of foot and leg problems when they get older.

Between Hollywood and all the fashion magazines, a powerful influence is created that also affects the marketplace. If you shop for nice shoes, you will find that the market is inundated with the "now" look so that it is difficult to find a comfortable shoe that doesn't make a young lady look matronly.

Are the shoe designers sadists or something? Come on! Hopefully, before too long, the styles will change again, or young women will wise up and stop buying these torturous designs, so that they won't all suffer irreversible damage to their feet.