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Sunrise Holiday Concepts Inc. Time Sharing Account

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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Traveling is one of the things we people do to reward ourselves of a great vacation, an amazing sight- seeing tour, a fantastic adventure or probably a great bonding moments with our family. But does traveling need to be expensive? I think not especially if you invested on a time sharing account.

Hubby and I invested 10 years ago in Sunrise Holiday Concepts Incorporated (SHCI) for a time sharing account. We paid for a down payment and successive installment amounts for two years equivalent to 150, 000 pesos for a studio type room. The account allows us to have a 7 days vacation in a year (1 year on/1 year off) among the different hotels they have in the Philippines and abroad.

What are the benefits of having this Time Sharing account with SHCI:

* You are entitled for a period of 50 years of all the benefits as an active member.

* With a separate registration on RCI, members can have a vacation abroad with big savings thru their vacation promos.

* Big discounts on the additional necessities to incur outside the contract.

* Member can have their account be used by other guests for a fee (private arrangement).

* Other added and future benefits for an account holder.

Traveling and having a vacation with my family is one thing I would like to do even in an annual basis. It is a time where each of us will really have a great and quality time to spend with each other as we travel places. Having a time sharing account for the family is a great investment because hotel accommodation is definitely one of the expensive parts in traveling not to mention the big savings being offered to members.

We usually use our time sharing account during school break and after holy season. During those time hubby can have time to go on vacation as the kids are off to from school. Actually I am pretty excited for this summer season as we are scheduled to go to Tagaytay on April for a 4 day scheduled vacation for the nth time.