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Superbowl Xliv 2010.....Game Vs. Commercials

By shanesofreshh on
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I'm sure that all of you are aware that yesterday was the Superbowl, the biggest game each year of the NFL. Now, I didn't get to catch the game this year because of a family emergency and am a little disappointed, but over the past few years something has been brought to my attention. More and more people a year are watching the Superbowl, not for the enjoyment of football, but for what? The commercials.

I am willing to bet that 1 in every 3 people watched the Superbowl this year just to see the commercials. Yes, I realize that companies pay a couple million dollars just to get 30 seconds, but I feel like this is beating the purpose of what the Superbowl is actually for; to show that the Colts are terrible. I don't mind the commercials because many of them are quite amusing and usually make the breaks more enjoyable, but I don't like the fact that as the years go by that the number could grow to around 2 in 3 people and that defeats the purpose of the Superbowl and almost ruins it for me.

Is this only my opinion or do others out there feel the same? Am I just overreacting to the situation or should I just rethink everything that I just said? Leave a comment with your opinion or just feel free to comment and tell me the other commercials that you guys though were hilarious. Leave me a link if you want because as I stated before I missed EVERYTHING.

******Even though I missed the Superbowl this year I still managed to the one of the Doritos commercials involing a little boy and his mother and her boyfriend where the child slaps his mom's boyfriend and says, "Don't touch my mother, don't touch my Doritos" and I thought that was hilarious.