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Supporting Our Kids

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An announcement was made during my daughter’s last periodical exam that those who will be included in the Recognition Day will receive a call. Since my girl maintained her Rank 1 position from first to third quarters in her class (cream section) I am pretty sure she will be joining that special day. And so the call was made by her class adviser a week after and I am the one who got the call because she’s sleeping that time. I heard the good news and in addition I was told that I am also one of the awardees for the “Most Supportive Parent.” I relayed the message to my daughter and she was happy about it.

In any relationship, support is one important ingredient to make it work and prosper. As I always tell to my daughter that first and foremost her education is one big responsibility she has for herself. I discuss with her the importance of being independent as a person and what good it can do to herself. Likewise I made it clear to her that I will always be by her side to guide and support her on her studies but not to the point that she will be dependent on my efforts. I may not be aware on how the teaching goes in her school but during our discussion I have a way to discern how deep or shallow she understands the topics.

I may sound monotonous but I still keep on telling her that it is important that she values her education and what it is for concerning her future. It is not for the awards that she may reap because it will come as a bonus to her for doing great at school but moreover I want to inspire her that her education and the knowledge will empower her to reach her dreams and be successful in life.

As a parent, I want my kids to enjoy but be dedicated too with their studies especially given the quite high rate of unemployment in our country. Sometimes it is not because there’s no job available but because they are not qualified. I am preparing and arming them this early in this competitive world and make them understand what lies ahead after schooling.