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Teaching Good Eating Habits To Our Children

mary60 By mary60 on
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Our children are getting more and more over weight. They tend to not exercise or eat healthy. Fast foods are what most of them eat, except the very few that are taught from an early age to control this type of food. Also we must include the watching of tv and staying inside with the video games. I do believe it's easier to grab something quick to eat instead of fixing a healthy snack. Even in many homes, we find that family time at the dinner table is becoming less and less. How are we going to get back to the dinner table with good healthy meals and family time. I don' think that removing all fun foods, like pizza, soda and burgers is the answer. We need to find ways to cook that makes healthy meals enjoyable.

The schools are trying to bring in more healthy eating for their students. We need a program that teaches children from that early age to care about their weight and the problems that excess weight could cause in their future. In the schools they are monitoring this more and more, trying to find away to help with this problem. The home has to also teach the eating habits early, so that these children carry this knowledge into adult life.

Children are our couch potatoes of this generation, and getting out in the fresh air and exercising isn't what they really want to do. They need to refresh their thoughts of how this is going to help them in the future. With a positive attitude and family time, i think we might be able to connect their daily eating habits with those of a healthy meal, and treasured family time. Just a small walk, or biking, playing ball, swimming, are a few things that we can do as a family, to get them into exercising, along with a healthy meal which will make all the difference.