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Teaching The Most Rewarding Profession I Have Ever Known

mrsspy By mrsspy on
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Teaching will always be a natural thing to me. I started to teach little kids in our neighborhood at the age of eight. I have always been a confident girl when it comes to sharing what I know. I was a proud little teacher from whom kids as young as four have first learned their ABCs, 123s and first words.

I was given the chance to teach college students in 2002. I was an instructor in subjects Constitution, Agrarian Laws, Economics and History. That was my first and last teaching experience before I splurged into corporate world.

Teaching for me is the noblest profession because education, when properly given and inculcated in the person's being, can mold a good individual and lead to a bright future. It is like creating a generation that will be our nation's hope and pride.

I always believe that teachers serve as second parents to the students. Teaching students to be good individuals and responsible citizens made me feel that it was my duty to make sure that they are headed to the right path, be responsible individuals and finish their education with commitment to improving their lives.

Being a teacher is not merely imparting knowledge. Amazingly on my part, it was also a learning experience.

First, I have learned that teachers must be willing to take part in their students' lives as parent outside home. Teachers must be committed to mold the students' intellect and the best of their abilities.

Second, teachers must show respect to the students as well. It is a two way road and a give and take relationship. Respect to each other's ideas is an important factor in a successful teacher-student relationship.

Third, teachers must serve as a role model to the students. It is a good feeling that students look up to me as their teacher, role model and guidance counsellor at the same time. Most of my students have changed their study habits when they became my students. They admitted to me, with pride, that they have changed their habits because of how I discipline them in class when it comes to studying their lessons and becoming more eager to learn.

And lastly, but definitely not the least, teachers must show love and concern to the students. Teachers are like parents who are nurturing the kids with love. My students loved the way I show concern to them and open the communication line inside and outside the four corners of the classroom.

And these lessons I have learned will linger on for years and decades to come.