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Who said teens can't take their cell phones to school? Sure they can. The teachers will never know. Or at least the teachers won't hear their phone ringing in class.

Teens will never miss another call anywhere they are not allowed to have their cell phone. How is that possible you ask? Well because there is a ring tone you can download off the internet. A ring tone that is so high in frequency that most adults can't even hear. That's right many adults can't hear it.

I tried this. I downloaded the tone. I was unable to hear it. I even placed my ear on the speaker and nothing. I tested it about 10 times. Once when my teenage daughter came home from school. I didn't tell her i was doing this. She immediately covered her ears says" Mom turn that off! What is that"!? And then of course when I told her i can't hear it. She was shocked. Than she then tested it on her friends as so did i.

However even though we can't hear it. I believe our ears still do get the effect of it. As ever since i tested this out, my hearing has never been the same. I have to turn the television on louder, my phone is up on high and half the time i have to ask people to repeat themselves as I can't hear them well now at all. I have lost some of my hearing and i do blame it on this high frequency so called ring tone sound. Called the Mosquito Ringtone.

I have uploaded a video with this sound. I don't think once will hurt you. But i am not promising. Listen at your own risk. Can you hear the sound? I bet your teenager can.