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Text Spell Generation

mrsspy By mrsspy on
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I cannot help myself but get annoyed with texting. Young ones are getting used to spelling words short-cut. Since text messaging became popular due to the popularity of mobile cellphones, people are getting more and more into short-cutting words in terms of spelling. It may sound like there's nothing wrong with it but the thing is it has more serious effect especially to the younger generation.

What are the reasons why people short cut words in text messaging? (1) It's easier to text when the letters you have to write and keys to press is lesser; (2) Texting in a single send is cheaper than texting the words in proper and correct spelling; (3) and it's faster.

Technology is meant to make things easier for us, however, there are still lots of disadvantages for using gadgets like cellphone. When it comes to text messaging the biggest effect to the users is that they get used to spelling words in abbreviated form, improper abbreviation and wrong spelling (in the effort to shorten the words and sentences. The thing is, students who are doing this get use to it and it becomes a very bad habit. This, in time, can reflect in the student's performance in school specially in grammar, spelling and sentence construction.

Does that sound so serious? Yes it does. And I take it seriously, really. I was teaching in a college in Manila before where I taught my subjects in English. I was so surprised to read answers in my classes' periodical examinations written in text-spell! Not only one or two students did that, there were lots of them. I was so bothered inside. I was upset with my students and told them exactly how they got that habit and they agreed. It was the effect of text-messaging.

To remedy that bad habit of my students, I had to point to them that answers written in text-spell are unacceptable and they better spell the words correctly if they don't want to get a zero score and if they want to pass my subject. Well, that worked, but they still had to be reminded lots of times because they tend to forget.

Personally, I don't text-spell when I send messages through my cellphone. I would rather spell words correctly than form a habit that is hard to break. Habits like this, in time, becomes acceptable in the society as everyone is doing it. Modern technology can do heaps to make life easier, but we should also be observant and keen about their bad effects or influence especially to our kids.