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Texting: Loss Of Communication?

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I've always been a big fan of texting, but it does have its detrimental effects. Over 65 billion text messages are sent per month in the United States, which is a pretty HUGE number. Texting rates have increased 514 percent in the past four years, meaning that more and more people are choosing to text. As these levels increase, then the number of people actually making calls starts to decrease.

Texting may seem fun, fast, and easy, but it can have very bad impacts on our society as a whole. One of these effects would be the loss of communication. Instead of having face to face conversations, people are just getting everything out with short, abbreviated phrases that mean basically nothing. Words will never has as much meaning as the voice that speaks them. Voices express emotion and feeling, which benefits the conversation and relationship. Without those aspects of conversation, the communication doesn't have any benefits at all. Texting may seem like a form of communication, as you are "talking" to other people. But iit is nearly impossible to express eeverything you need to in a short message. The person a the other end can't even see your face or hear your voice. You could be lying in every sentence you send, and they wouldn't be able to tell, as they can't hear your voice or see your facial expressions. "Texting has made us a very impersonal society today, " says Rick Pukis, an associate professor of communication at Augusta State University. "They are not communicating, not using any facial expressions, like smiling, so when they're back in a situation where they actually have to talk to someone, they don't smile".

This crisis may be solved. we could start out by not purchasing any texting plans at all, so people will be forced to choose between money and satisfying their texting appetites. One time, about two decades ago, an entire town turned off their TVs for a whole summer. The town grew closer, as they were able to communicate better. Maybe we should learn to communicate again, just like how they did.