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Thanks Blogger.Com!

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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I have been blogging for 2 years now. It was introduced to me by a friend of hubby and I must admit that at first I got attracted to learn and do it because I can earn from it. It was in March of 2008 when I created my first blog under Blogger.com with the patience and guidance of the said friend. Why Blogger? It is because first FREE account and second it can be easily understood by not so techie guys like me.

Blogger powered by Google is the most used free blog publishing tool by starter like me then. Creating a blog is so simple with their step by step procedures. The commands inside Blogger are understandable and not so technically hard. As I go on with my blog I came to know many things like changing my template, putting widgets on the sidebars, linking out and inserting pictures and videos on the blog. Given the many users of Blogger I came to benefit from the articles of those techie guys to improve the presentation and ranking of Housewife @ Work.

I came to recommend Blogger to friends who want to establish their own blog and got positive response from them. Of course the first reason is that it is FREE account, second is that they easily understands how to go along with their blogs and third is giving them a space in the web to share their lives to people and the world.

Personally, Blogger helps me financially by giving me a way to earn online. But as I go on blogging I meet friends around the world, fellow Filipinos and foreign. Messages of gratitude and appreciation came my way around the globe from the articles I posted in my blog. I guess those compensations make my blogging worthwhile and continue with it. Thank you so much Blogger and more power!