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The 2010 Chicago Bears Season In Review.

Scott Murrell By Scott Murrell on
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The chicago bears 2010 season started out a rough one to say the least. While they did start the season 3-0, things were extremely rocky. It was obvious early on that the offensive line was not up to par. Jay Cutler was being sacked numerous times which caused lots of trouble. The Boiling point seemed to come in week four verse the New York Giants. The offensive line was so bad Jay cutler was sacked 9 times in the first half alone. Now any fan could see that if things didnt change at some point this season was gonna be lost and our quarter back may not make it through the season. Next up were the Carolina panthers. Now chicago did win this game 23-6 it was obvious from a fans point of view we won that game on defense sense Jay cutler did not play because he suffered a concussion the week before. Chicago would go on to lose the next two games to Seattle and Washington. After seven games and a 4-3 record going into the bye week chicago looked like a disaster on the offensive line with offensive cooridinater deciding he wanted to pass the ball 70 percent of the time.

Coming out of the bye week Chicago looked like a much improved team. They started to run the football alot more making the play selection more fifty-fifty. Jay cutler also chose to start running the football alot more when he was in trouble which opened up the passing game. Chicago would go onto defeat buffalo, minnesota, miami, philadelphia and detroit to improve to 9-3. Up next were the new england patriots. They got hammered this game, they couldn't stop new england at all and got beat 36-7. The bears finished the season 13-3 receiving a first round bye in the playoffs. They defeated the seattle seahawks 35-24 only to lose to their hated rivals the green bay packers 21-14.