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The Battle Of Organic Or Non Organic Fruits And Vegetables

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Wherever we go now, be it a supermarket, green grocer, corner shop or public market, there is this battle between organic and non-organic produce. The thing is, organic products are far more expensive than non-organic. For regular wage earning-families, there is no such battle since what's important is there is some food on the table at the end of the day.

But why is this organic products becoming so famous nowadays? Are there really extraordinary benefits from buying and eating them instead of the non-organic ones? Is paying too much for the organic produce really worth it?

Organic produce are those that are grown without the use of any fertilizers that can be harmful to our health. Thus, they are safe and better as they say. On the otherhand, non-organic fruits and vegetables are those that are grown in a conventional way using fertilizers as well as pesticides to avoid damage due to farm pests.

People are worried that the chemicals being used in growing fruits and vegetables can be very harmful to our health, thus they resort to buying organic produce. It is only logical to think that way since the chemicals, especially those used as pesticides are directly sprayed to the plants. There farmers claiming though that they have eaten fruits and vegetables their whole lives that were grown in conventional way but they have no health issues and remain healthy.

Personally, I believe that washing thoroughly the fruits and vegetables and peeling them if possible will help avoid those chemicals from ending on our plate. With leafy vegetables, I always make sure to remove the outer layer. I also have tested these organic fruits and vegetables myself and have found no much difference as to their taste. Though some organic fruits like strawberries that I have tried have this certain sweetness that is noticeable and different from that of non-organic, I am still not convinced that I should stick into buying it than the others.

My husband brought organic fruits and vegetables from his shop (as seen here in the photo) and so I had the chance to do some 'taste test' myself. But if he did not bring them home 'for free' I would have not gone to the supermarket to buy them. I am happy and content with the non-organic vegetables and fruits that we always have at home.

The Australian Consumers Association says that there is no conclusive evidence that residue of chemicals in non-organic produce are harmful to our health. However, they also said that there has been no sufficient study that were conducted to prove it or otherwise. As a consumer, all I can do is wait for further studies and findings before I can decide. For now, whether organic or non-organic, I will give it a go as long as my budget allows, the taste is good, and they are of good quality.