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The Beatles Music For The Ages

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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Abbey Road

So often when I am around my 17-year-old son, I hear him singing snippets of Beatles songs. I can't help but join in and it's so much fun to "be in the same groove" with him. The Beatles have definitely helped bridge the "Generation Gap".

My son is a better singer than I am, and he always knows all the words to all the songs. I know that he has played Beatles Rock Band, but besides that, he has Beatles music on his phone, his computer, and his MP3 player and enjoys listening to them often. He always knows which album a particular song is from, and knows the chronological order of the albums. I love that we have the Beatles in common, rather than having to deal with feelings of estrangement because our musical tastes are at opposite extremes. Sometimes he will turn an album on the computer while we're cooking dinner together, and we have ourselves a little sing-along that makes the chore seem to go more quickly. He even taught his dad how to play "Blackbird" on the guitar after he taught himself to play it.

When I hear him singing certain Beatle songs, it transports me to a time when I was actually his age, and like him, had my whole life ahead of me. Men had walked on the moon, this new music belonged to my generation, life was good, and the Beatles were there wanting to "hold my hand". Those were kind of strange times, but the music was there to unite a generation.

My teenage son's world is a lot different than mine was, with technology being the New Frontier. We still have some common ground, though, and the Beatles' music has been a common denominator to help get us through his teen years.

If you would like to download Beatles songs, or listen to samples of them, their music is now available on iTunes.