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The Benefits Of Gardening As A Hobby

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Gardening is one of the best hobbies ever, and to have your own lawn, flower beds and home-grown vegetables is really nice !For those who like gardening, it is a healthy and an enjoyable hobby.

It is not difficult to start your garden - it takes just one plant planted by you and when you see it thriving, it gives you such a feeling of happiness and satisfaction that you will want to grow more and take care of them... with a little initial effort most people enjoy gardening and spending time with plants and nature. Even for those living in an apartment, it is easy to have a few potted plants in a balcony or even on a window sill.

personally speaking gardening has been the best hobby ever that taught me and my family to respect and take extra care of nature.It has been a stress buster for me since I am able to spend time with my plants when I have been mentally stressed and have had problems and within a few minutes spent in the company of my plants I am able to come to terms and stay calm.Gardening is certainly de-stressing and makes you forget all your worries.I spend time in my garden when I am depressed, worried or tense. Each day is a new day and I look forward to spending time with my plants and they respond to all the care and love we shower on them.When a plant does well under your care it gives you a lot of happiness and satisfaction .There is always something to do and look forward to in one's garden. Those who have not taken up gardening as a hobby are really missing out on something that is absolutely a great experience.

Other than that one can grow ones own vegetables and save money, especially now when the vegetables are becoming very expensive and one can never be sure about what harm it can cause due to the chemicals and fertilisers used by the commercial growers. Tomatoes and green leafy vegetables are in fact very easy to grow at home with little effort, I have a few other vegetables growing at home. I have curry leaves, green chillies and ladies finger or okra in my terrace garden.

No doubt that it is difficult to grow a garden in a rented house or where there is a limited space. One can have a few pots on the window sill if it is wide enough or if there is a small balcony, one can keep a few pots there . Having a bit of greenery around us is very comforting. Including the children in gardening teaches them to respect and take care of nature.Various jobs that needs to be done in the garden helps you keep fit without having to make any special effort to do so !

Size does not matter when one is planning to have a garden. One can do wonders with even a very tiny space, like have a rock garden with cactus, creepers a water body etc .We have a neighbor who is living on the first floor of a house having rented out the downstairs part. She has an amazing garden in 260 square feet of terrace space. Besides a small lotus pond she is even growing a pomegranate tree there in a large pot which is about to flower and bear fruits now.One can also have a few plants inside the house which adds warmth and brightens the interior.

It is nice to have a few plants around you besides making you feel refreshed it also adds some interest in your life .There are bound to be ever so many pleasant memories intertwined with garden and gardening in our lives.