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The Benefits Of Giving Up Smoking

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I thought I would share my personal experience of giving up smoking and the benefits. I have smoked from I was about eleven years old, the worst thing I have ever done. Looking back I wish I had never started, I assume this is the case with all smokers. I have always been a heavy smoker, smoking anything from 40 to 60 cigarettes per day, but the last few months before I decided to quit my heavy habit reached an all time high, I was smoking about 70 to 80 per day, quite ridiculous I know.

I had the usual health issues etc that all smokers have, I got breathless very easy, I spent far too much money on cigarettes and always smelled like an ashtray. The kids were always on at me to give up and I tried many times before but failed.

I decided to quit on the 8th November 2010, it wasn't easy but I had Ni quitin CQ Lozenges at the ready, I knew that willpower alone just wouldn't work for me. I know this does work for some people but I would just have given in to easy, anyway I got over the first with about 4 cigarettes. I must admit I was rather pleased at this achievement, comparing that with before it was good. The next day I had none and eventually the days became weeks and the weeks became months.

As time passed I noticed certain changes, I found breathing a lot easier, I wasn't as tired anymore, I enjoyed my food a lot more, although I did put on some weight, I figured better that than smoking. I no longer smelled like an ashtray and off course I saved some money, which the kids robbed me off, better spent on them than on cigarettes I thought to myself. Then off course when in a public place I didn't have to sit outside in the freezing cold which was a bonus. Friends told me a looked a lot better and in general I just felt good.

There were a few irritating factors though, I had a disturbed sleep pattern for some time and one of the side effects of the Lozenges was hiccups, I got them all the time. But I still felt good, It was hard at times and I really felt like having a smoke, but managed to resist the urge, well until about 9 months later and I stupidly had a cigarette and of course that was me back on them. It wasn't long before the shortness of breath etc started . I do intend to come back of them soon.

Having experienced some of the benefits of quitting smoking, then experiencing just how quick the problems arise again is the reason I thought I would write this article, hopefully it will encourage someone who is in the process of quitting. If I could give one piece of advice it would be try to give up at the same time as a friend or relative, this really does help. I give up at the same time as a family member and it was nice to know that he knew exactly what it was like.

Thanks for reading