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The Best Blog Site Out There!

Stephen Kelly By Stephen Kelly on
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I began serious blogging about a year ago. When I first started, I really didn't know a great deal about it, nor did I know what potential I had for making a great income from it. I started blogging at wordpress.com. I'm sure most of you are aware of the site, and probably pretty familiar with it to. It's a great place to start your blogging career. The main drawback from it though, if you cannot place ads on your site, without first paying for a 'Premium account'. It never really occurred to me that I could make good money writing my thoughts out. That was until I discovered there were a LOT of people out there who were doing just that. So, I did a bit of research, and discovered I could do just that. But, I couldn't do it with my current blog provider. So, i went on a quest to find a free site, that would let me place ads on my posts. That's when I discovered www.blogger.com. It's a blog hosting site run by Google.

Since it's run by Google, they allow you to post Google Adsense on your site. Those are little ads you can place anywhere on your site. When readers click on those ads, you make from a few cents to a few dollars from the owner of the site that ad links to.

So, if you're a serious blogger, or someone sho just likes to write from time to time, I highly recommend checking out blogger.com, and implementing the Google Adsense on your site.

The easiest way to get started is to simply go to www.blogger.com to set up your blog account. From inside the 'dashboard', you can link directly to the Google Adsense program, and set yourself up an Adsense account. After a few months of serious posting, you're going to start to see the money accumulate in your account.

Good luck, fellow blogger!