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The Best Cashbar Currently Available

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Cashbars are a popular way of earning cash online. It is a very simple process. You simply need to install a program and leave your computer on. You can do other stuff while the program is running and generating you money. These cashbars either run advertisements on your computer or they perform background tasks. It's really hard to tell what the cashbar is doing it runs in the background. You usually get to see what is going on.

Here is a list of cashbars that can be downloaded and installed:

1. GomezPeerzone

2. CashFiesta

3. CashGopher

4. TickerBar GreenSurf

5. 20Dollars2Surf

The links listed above are the curret cashbars. You can download them, run them, and earn cash. I have used all of them and have found out a thing or two about these sites.

GomezPeerZone is the best cashbar in my opinion. The program is easy to install, but you don't get paid for just running the program. You get paid for processing time, not online time. However, this really isn't a concern. I got 120 minutes of online time and only 19.95 minutes of processing time and earned 1 cent. The rate is very low. I have been activated for online a while and my account is back to being pending. GPZ doesn't run advertisements on your computer, they run tests from their servers. I rate it a 7/10 as the website is well built. Their website is very professional. However, I find it really hard to earn if just leaving the computer on for a couple of hours. To use GPZ, you need to leave your computer on for days. The earning rate is slightly lower compared to the other sites, but the program is better built.

CashFiesta does not have a good reputation. Some claim that they have been paid while others say they haven't. Many believe CashFiesta is a scam simply because they have a poor support team. They pay with checks with minimum payout amout at $50. They runs advertisements on the desktop of your computer and share the revenue with users. I list CashFiesta here because I have seen payment proofs. My experience with CashFiesta is not a pleasant one. Their website is poorly built and navigation is simply horrible. They also have the worst FAQs page I've ever seen.

CashGopher was created by MyLot. This program is similar to GomezPeerZone. CashGopher runs smoothly. I didn't experience any problems with the software itself or the webpage. The only disadvantage is that the earnings are too low. It takes me four hours just to get three cents.

TickerBar is just like CashFiesta. They runs advertisements on the desktop of your computer and they share revenue with you. They are paying through Paypal. However, I personally do not like this one. They also have a poorly built webpage. The FAQs section is incomplete and I don't think they have a support team. I have contacted support and still did not receive a reply.

I find that I can earn the most on 20dollars2surf. However, I don't like this site as well. Their surf banner hogs a lot of memory. It uses up a lot of memory and will cause your computer to lag. Their website is worse than CashFiesta's. The layout is decent, but their log in page doesn't work. My final complaint is that suppor team takes ages to get back to you.

In conclusion, GomezPeerZone is the best cashbar to use. Although you earn slightly less, but it has a complete FAQs page and everything is explained thoroughly. Not only that, but they have a great support team. Their software is well built and I can view my statistics right on my desktop.