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The Best Choices For Teeth Whitening

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White teeth make for a brilliant smile

There are a lot of choices on the market for teeth whitening. Depending on your budget, you can spend a small amount on home systems or have a dentist so it for a lot more money. Here are the different choices available to help you decide which way to go.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Going to your dentist is the most effective way to get your teeth whitened, but it is also the most expensive. Here are a couple of options offered by many dentists:


Cost: About $500

Pros: Zoom produces quick results, giving you brighter, whiter teeth in about an hour. It utilizes a high concentration of peroxide, activated by a heated blue light. Zoom is great for special occasions when you want your teeth to look as light as possible. Your teeth will be white by the time you leave the office, so there will be no need for follow-up at home.

Cons: Only lasts for about six to twelve months, so you will need to go back to your dentist to have it reapplied if you want to keep your teeth nice and bright.

Take Home Whitening

Cost: $350

Pros: More economical than the in-office method, because the trays can be used over and over again once they are made. You will need to purchase additional whitening gel for subsequent applications.

Cons: The patient must do the procedure themselves at home. The results are not as fast, requiring as many as ten applications in order to get the optimum results.

Over-the-counter Teeth Whitening

There are many over-the-counter systems on the market at a range of prices. Of all the products on the market, Dr. John I. Quigley, DDS, of Denver, Colorado, only recommends Crest White Strips. As he says, “This is because of their ease of application and quality control of Crest brands. I would recommend avoiding many of the other systems because of quality control issues (i.e., does the gel have a neutral pH, how long has the gel been sitting on a shelf in China before hitting the grocer's shelf).”

Crest White Strips

Cost: $20-$35

Pros: More convenient and cheaper than the professional options.

Cons: Some users find they salivate a lot while the strips are in their mouths, which can be a little inconvenient if you need to go out in public! Low level of effectiveness.

Whitening Toothpaste

Cost: $3-$7

Pros: Very low cost, and you use toothpaste every day anyway

Cons: Low level of effectiveness and slow results

If you love drinking coffee or tea or just have naturally yellow teeth, keeping your teeth white can be a challenge. However, these options can help almost anyone with almost any budget.