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The Black Sheep Of This Family. (Beer Review)

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I want to do a review on Black Sheep Ale. I know you are now thinking that a review on something you have not heard of, and will probably never see, will be boring and totally useless, but just read it and decide.

The Ale is brewed at the Black Sheep Brewery at Masham (Pronounced Massam). Anyone who has ever been within ten Miles of this place, will know the lovely Malty aroma, advertising the Breweries with the aid of the prevailing wind. I had the good fortune to spend a week's Holiday there, and a very memorable experience it was too. One part I remember was the Brewery visit, this was one of the better trips I have made, far more interesting than a lot of more modern Brew houses, which are really more like Factories to be honest.

Right, onto the review proper, this brew from the hills of North Yorkshire, is not too strong, at just 4.4% alcohol by volume. I hate talking about UK units, but will just mention that this equates to 2.2 units, the recommended maximum being 3 to 4 units per day for a Male, and just 2 to 3 units if you are Female. The Brewery is part of the Drink Aware campaign, and recommends drinking responsibly.

The Ale is very light, but also surprisingly refreshing. The Brewers refer to this as crisp, and I agree, but they aslo call it "Bittersweet" which I don't agree to, the recommended serving temperature is 13 Degrees Centigrade of course, personally I would never specify this, as there are so many variables, personal taste, ambient temp, time of year etc. The bottle itself, is thin amber glass, holding 500 ml, of half a Litre.

The colour is rather pale, the taste is crisp, and this is a particularly refreshing drink. The label gives you all the required information, although the "Best before date" is difficult to read, being marked on the bottle neck.. I recommend drinking this in a Pint glass of course. The top is the familiar Crown Cork, so you will need your bottle opener. I can't tell you the price as I received it as a gift. I can thoroughly recommend this Beer to all, and I also recommend the Brewery.