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The Blessed Social Network Or The Cursed Time Vortex?

Fifi Qwer By Fifi Qwer on
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Who in this audience has a Facebook account? Who used to have one of those myspace accounts? Do you use it every second of the day or did you forget that you had one? Whether you spend every minute of your day on it or seldom log in, Facebook has its pros and cons. But do the pros outweigh the cons? How long are we going to spend writing on each other's walls? Why do less people tweet if it's all the same anyway? And tagging other people? Not to mention our so-called friends!? That's worse than a poke war! Wait a minute...oh it's only tagging other people in pictures of themselves, that's not too bad. But still! What would we do without Facebook?

Well, first of all, here are the pros of connecting to this social network. It is: somewhere with unlimited and free chatting time, a place to store your digital junk, a place to play random games, somewhere where you can announce your life story to the rest of the world, where you can do whatever you feel like without anyone caring, a place where you can get free coupons and discounts on about everything there is, your source of information, a method of keeping in touch with your old friends, and of course, the place to bookmark a picture of your face. It is also the perfect place to break-up with your overly emotional friend that you are so over. Haha, just kidding, there is not a worse place and time to do anything that dramatic than on Facebook.

Quite a list of pros. Now let's look at the cons. Facebook is where: everyone throws all their time into just to say something retarded, everyone befriends the people they hate in real life, you post happy birthday on your mother's wall instead of saying it in real life, you give your sister a virtual gift instead of a real one, and you start an emotional spur of problems only to realize that it was all so stupid. I mean, how long is Facebook going to last anyway? Not more than a few more years. I mean Zuckerburg is smart and all, but it's hard to pull off something so big. Myspace couldn't do it, and...well, we'll just have to see.

But the question is not whether Facebook will survive or not, the question is: is Facebook good for us and why are we so addicted? Well I think we all know Facebook is an excuse for everything we didn't do today, and so I recommend everyone take this challenge. If you think you have a will of steel, end your Facebook addiction. Yes. END IT. You can do it, just try. First, announce it to all your friends. Then, stop posting. Delete your pictures, your comments, videos, statuses, and personal information. Then, slowly, go through your "friends" list. Who on that list do you actually know? Who do you talk to? Who do you even like? Or not dislike? Aren't friends supposed to be...well I don't know...people you know who you like and talk to often? So give everyone else the boot. They don't deserve to be friends with you. Well you know what comes next. After you clean out the house, it's time to move out. And to move on. With your life. So say farewell to Facebook and hello to the world and your brand new life, because that is what matters, not some silly website where you "connect".