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The Crumbling Of The Social Ladder

Cole Crews By Cole Crews on
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I am now 19 years old, and have completed all five years of elementary school, three years of middle school, and four years of high school. The feeling is unlike any other i have felt before, and while i'll never see my friends again, I really don't mind it. The most common phrase echoed throughout the halls during the last weeks of school was "It's a bitter-sweet feeling". But for me, it was really just sweet. I've enjoyed my friends, but I'm more than ready for a change of pace. Climbing the social ladder was never a big deal to me in high school, but it tore many of my friends apart. I must have gone through a dozen different groups through high school before I decided it was too late in my senior year to try making new friends. I've always enjoyed the friends I've had, but they never seemed real to me. With such pressure to fit in with the "popular kids" and to "experience" high school life through alcohol and drugs, everyone changes and acts differently. This affected me as well. I was unhappy with many of the friends I had made. Now that I am out of high school, I've realized that the social latter has crumbled, and I am now attending college, where my pond is opening up into a river. I understand that college will still have its moments of social awkwardness, but with such a large population, it seems that the drama and cliques of high school will be unable to survive.

Now as the summer months roll by, I'm waiting impatiently for school to start. I've found myself alone the majority of the summer. It's not that I no longer care about my friends, it's just that I realize I will never see these people again. It almost feels futile to try to stay friends with people you know you will never have contact with again. I broke up with my girlfriend nearly four months before the start of the summer. I felt that there was no real reason to keep a relationship going that would inevitably end at a set time. I mean, I've seen long distance relationships work before, but it's not for me.

Now, with only a few weeks left of summer, I can only hope that my experience in college is a unique and refreshing change of pace.