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The Greatest Horror Franchise In History

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You remember those good movies that used to scare you and you absolutely loved it! The sequels were really popular back then and you saw about every one of them up to #9! Well, we're here to answer a question and that question is: What is the greatest horror franchise in history? In order to do this, we have to think back to some very good horror franchises and work our way up.

Horror, as we know it, really started in the '80s, but there was one franchise that we all know and love that just couldn't start that late. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, anyone? The first film came out in 1974 and is still a very good classic to watch today. We are introduced to the great villain of Leatherface in this film and, boy, does he sure know how to scare us! He is the classic serial killer and cannibal that we all know and love while putting together other people's skin on his own face. He scared us so much that he came up with another 5 films! However, as we know with sequels, the massacre started dying down after about the third installment as it only grossed about 165 million in the U.S. and another 38 million worldwide. It isn't bad, but it isn't the best.

4 years later, our good friend Michael Myers came into the picture with the great film, Halloween. Now, this did actually have some nice effects in it, but I for one, am not a big fan of the Halloween franchise, so I may be a bit biased here. All of his killings always take place on Halloween night and no matter how much this guy is burned, shot, or injured, he just will not die! So, over the next 30 years, he became an iconic figure in horror history with his (currently) 10 sequels. He did a bit better with it with over 308 million in the U.S. and another 58 million worldwide. Still, that is pretty good, but not quite there yet.

A couple of years later, the 80's hit and out came one of the best horror franchises ever. Friday the 13th introduced the hockey-masked, machete-wielding Jason. I really do like this franchise and so do a lot of other people! This franchise was so huge that it has had 12 sequels over the past 30 years and has grossed over 465 million dollars worldwide! This is worthy in the top 3.

But, then someone else came into the picture and he just took all of our dreams away and gave us the great question of Jason or Freddy? The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is a very powerful franchise whose original film was released just 4 years later after Jason hit screens. This deals with the great Freddy Krueger who stalks children in their dreams and kills them. This is also a worthy competitor to Jason because not only does it have 9 sequels to its name, but it also has over 446 million dollars under its belt! A very worthy competitor, indeed!

After these two horror kings, no one dared make another franchise for the next 12 years. In 1996, the return of the slasher genre came to be and introduced a great Halloween figure for kids of all ages, Ghostface, in the famous franchise, Scream. He's just going around trying to kill our main girl, Sidney Prescott and all of her friends. The amazing thing about this franchise though is that it has only helmed 3 sequels in its whole lifetime of 4 years and has grossed over 500 million dollars worldwide which is huge! This franchise also made way for some modern horror for the 21st century and has also given us the basic rules of how to act in a horror movie.

The 2000's started off on a bang with the Final Destination franchise where some teens try to cheat death itself which results in some pretty brutal and interesting kills. Over the last 10 years, this franchise has spawned 4 films (with a 5th in the works) and has grossed over 497 million dollars, which isn't as great as Scream, but still pretty darn good!

Then, in 2004, the beginning of the torture porn genre came into play with the box office success of Saw. This franchise takes horror into a new dimension. In most horror franchises, you will just have a simple killer who does just that for no particular reason and never stops. Rather than do this, our main man Jigsaw, likes to trap his victims in certain situations to test their will to survive via physical or psychological torture. This is a very big step up from most franchises and has proven to be phenomenal at the box office! A new sequel has come out every year since 2004 with currently 6 films (and a 7th in October 2010) and has placed itself as a Halloween tradition. Plus, throughout half of the franchise, the main antagonist Jigsaw, is dead!

Now, this is a very hard decision to make, but I am going to have to go with... (drumroll)...the Saw franchise! For one, if you can turn horror into testing people's wills to survive, that is pretty interesting in my book. Also, they have made only 6 films and have grossed over 730 million dollars which is over 200 million more than other franchises with over 10 sequels! For this, I decree the Saw franchise (and Jigsaw himself) to be the greatest horror franchise in history!