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The Happiness Mantra: Moderation Is The Key

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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I have been made to realize, and as a matter of fact I didn't realize until very recently, that happiness is just a matter of feeling so. The moment I am bogged down, the moment I begin to think that I am sad, I get into the groove of the negative emotions of being upset, down and sad. In my articles, I have talked about being happy no matter what. That covered a wide range of ways, from relishing some gooey chocolate creams, a lavish indulgence (that I have only dreamt of), going to an expensive spa and shopping sessions. I've also thought about just letting go, just ranting it out, venting off the angry emotions by being cruelly obnoxious with my tongue and emotions.

But then what? I realised that I was doing things that do not bring lasting happiness, and soon afterwards I was left with the aftermath of overwhelming emotions. The ephemerals proved to be even more taxing. 'Living the moment' is good as long as it's done judiciously. I was sitting on a heap of volatile happiness which was about to crash soon. Today, I know that I shouldn't be doing anything that boomerangs and hits me hard later, once the depressive bout is over. The expensive dress or the guilty calories or the extravagant indulgences are going to make me all the more fidgety and overwhelmed at the end of the day. So, being considerate and moderate is the key to happiness.

It turned out, however, that several of my strategies to beat the blues aren't quite working long term anymore. I am trying to list them so that I can actually help myself to live a good life.

1. Indulging in all sort of lavish treats: The guilty calories and the extravagant shopping sprees are overwhelming after a while, and then what?

2. Getting lazy actually makes me more lazy and I lose the kick to start off the day: The more laid back I am, the more dull I get.

3. Getting off the hook, skipping the exercises and daily chores and let go of my restraints: I think this is simply not working for me anymore. Who's going to do those for me?

4. Getting off the phone after a long chat with family actually ends up making me more lonely, as I wish could get to speak to or spend more time with them: No amount of depression can actually be lessened by seclusion from loved ones. As a matter of fact I am just distancing myself from the source of much of my happiness.

5. Letting out the rant and venting my negative emotions leaves me with the guilt that's hard to forgive: Now, how can I forget that day when I snapped at a friend telling her that she is so very mean and.....

I am sure there are many more. I will keep discovering and sharing. Till then search for your own happiness mantra, be happy and share with us.

Update On Jul 02, 2010: Moderation as in balancing life, as in juxtapositioning the ingredients of life and as in time management did sound like utopia in the beggining but as I got down to really imbibe it in my life, it seemed achievable if not the easiest thing to do. And if you are someone with enough motivation then you are already steps ahead! Motivation helps us get that brownie point that we are always craving for.

Happy living!