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The Health Benefits Of Garlic

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I cook with Garlic all the time mainly because I love the smell of garlic while cooking and I tend to put a crushed clove of garlic in just about every dish I make. Therefore, it is no wonder after reading about garlic's many health properties. Which include treating symptoms of acne, reducing levels of high cholesterol, and being used as a natural mosquito repellent that I would want to encourage others to use it too. In addition, garlic has also been used to treat allergies, coughing and other throat irritations, diabetes, toothaches, warts, and some have even claimed it cured herpes.

However eating too much garlic can be bad for you because garlic is very strong and could cause damage to the digestive system. Some individuals are allergic to garlic but if you are not allergic to garlic, it makes a good health supplement along with eating healthy and getting appropriate exercise.

I continue to use fresh garlic in all my meals I even crush garlic and sprinkle it in my oil before frying fish. I have discovered that my local green grocery have instant garlic, ginger and honey tea, which I enjoy every now and again. I believe eating garlic has helped keep my complexion clear because I have always had very clear skin and I think it is because of keeping a diet rich in garlic over the years. My parents are vegetarians and I think my love of garlic developed because of the fact that my mom too loved the smell of fresh garlic when cooking and always added freshly crushed garlic to all of her dishes.

Garlic is sold as a dietary supplement in a pill form for those that would like to try but cannot stand the smell. I have never tried this before but I would assume it should still have the same benefits as eating fresh garlic.