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The Kitchen Disaster Turns Into The Queen Of Fast Easy Meals

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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I decided to give you all a break from my ground beef articles today and give some insight on how I learned to cook and bake and how I came up with my recipes. I have been putting them together for my Queen of Cooking easy meals cookbook. Since my roommate dubbed me the Queen of ground beef I was not your typical little girl who had a mom that took her into the kitchen and taught her how to cook or bake only because we had a housekeeper/nanny. The kitchen was off limits to us.

When I grew up the first day I was alone and had my own kitchen was a disaster, first I blew up my daughters baby bottle and there was glass everywhere, next I tried to make an boiled egg that blew up to and the house smelled bad. The next day I went to make a hamburger and started the kitchen on fire. Everything I touched in a kitchen was a disaster like the day I tried out the dishwasher and put dawn in it. I had no idea that they had dishwasher detergent; I had soapsuds everywhere my daughter loved it and had fun playing in them. I made a cake from scratch once it weighed ten lbs no joke.

I was determined to cook and bake, so I went into the kitchen and started throwing things together next thing I knew we were no longer eating TV dinners. As the years have gone by, I have learned to cook and not start any fires. I love sharing my recipes with you and I have more to come, my next article today will be on chicken and just maybe I will share my secret ingredient with you, which I have not done yet.