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The Lessons Of Motherhood

mrsspy By mrsspy on
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What has motherhood taught me so far? Reminiscing my young days as a child has reminded me of how my mother handled all the matters of the family and household. The discipline with which we were brought up comes back to my mind as I look at my kids now. It is like rewinding a scene from the past and teaching myself to review my parenting rules and circumstances and learn from it all.

Mothers. How did I become one? Is it all about having a child and raising them? Is it about raising a soul like taking care of a sprout in a garden soil that need to be nurtured, watered and give some light to? Is it about setting yourself aside in most times and prioritizing your kids and family no matter what? Is it about being the leader of the household and a citadel of light and hope during tough times and trials? Is it about shedding tears when the children were hurt or experience failure in even the lightest issues in their lives? Does the answer 'Yes' to the foregoing make me a mother in the real sense of the word?

Motherhood has made me realize that real life experience makes motherhood; it molds motherhood. The price of being a mother is the life that is joyful though with some tears. Life that is abundant in love and happiness though scarce in material things. Children that are appreciative and grateful of what their mother can give, offer and sacrifice.

In years to come, I shall look back and reminisce how I became a mother. My gratitude to the life that brought me to it and the fruits that it has blessed me with will always flow from my heart. I am a mother and I know what motherhood means. A woman will only realize the real meaning of motherhood when she becomes one.