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The Life Of A Rugby Union Player.

By Daniel Barwell on
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Rugby Union.

Rugby Union is a british made sport. Made in Rugby, England. Consistent of 15 elite athletes either Male or Female, But if you ask any Rugby player, Rugby controls your life.

Rugby Controls YOUR life!

Every Rugby player needs to adapt around the sport, From the food they eat, to their Daily Routines.

Food and Drinks

Each Rugby Player need to adapt their dietary needs, this does vary on players positions, however this is the basis.

The best food for a Rugby Player to eat is Chicken or Pasta, however it's best they still keep to their daily requirements of Fiber, Saturates, Sugars and Salts, Pasta and Chicken is amazingly good for protein and so much cheaper than protein mixtures. (Protein helping with increasing body build, and muscle size). It's best not to eat within an hour before training or matches unless you love having the stitch?

The drinks however vary, NO FIZZY POP!. For training water is highly recommended, but Lucazade Orange is perfect aswell as Poweraid. The occasional beer or glass of wine is of course, perfectly fine.

Daily Routines.

Rugby players need LOTS of sleep, as much as you can get, but I suppose everyone's like this anyway. Always make room for your sleep, especially after Matches or Training sessions.

You need to get in your training aswell as your sleep!

To train, you don't have to Run a marathon every morning, or bench press 100kg of weights everyday.

Several times a week, (3 times a week, eg; Monday, Wednesday, Sunday) then use the other days as rest and relaxation.

A good training exercise for a Prop would be, 5km Run, Bench Press (3 sets of 15 on 50kg - If not try to use a reasonable amount of weight, not too strenuous), Press Ups (3 minutes), Sit Ups (3 minutes).

While for a winger, 10km Run, Bench Press (3 sets of 15 on 30kg), Press Ups (5 minutes), Sit Ups (5 minutes) would be much more appropriate.

Should you ease any of this routine, add it up a weight or minutes or even a few Km.

What to buy on your next shop?

* Chicken (preferably Free Ranged and Whole, How ever free ranged doesn't benefit in many ways)


*Rugby Boots (6 Studded for Backs/Back Row, 8 studs for Front Row/ 2nd Row)

*Cotton Shorts (Do rip under a lot of pressure but are extremely durable)

*Pads (These do help stop injurys, by reducing the force of the tackle).

*Mouth Guard (Shock Doctors works the best, Unless you don't like your teeth/tough/lips then feel free to don't use one :) )

*Bottled Water

*Poweraid/Lucazade Sport.

If you complete the list above you'll be ready for that first game of Rugby, after a while you'll be in demand of more specialised equipment and nutrition.

Health and Recovery

Usually pain will go away the in a few days.

If it doesn't, after a week or so, seek medical advice.

For aches and Pains, I highly recommend Deep Heat, It 'burns' the skin, relaxing muscles.

Remember, each of these is an average guild line for rugby players. Please remember to keep safe while playing.