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The Life Of A Working Mom

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A few weeks ago, I applied for a part-time job to do at home because I want to help my husband. Since I have a regular job, most of the time I do my part-time at night, from 9pm to 3am, and during week-end, at least 6 hours on the job as part of the contract. On weekdays, I usually schedule my work at 8pm-11pm and 1am-3am, and on week-end, from 1am-6pm, and 8-10pm so I can still sleep before going to work. As a result, my husband and I usually are in a hurry to go home. After picking up my daughter from my aunt who takes care of her, we have to hurry home, cook dinner, do whatever is there to do before my shift starts. Sometimes I could not even clean her milk bottles, I have to schedule my chores at midnight when I had a spare time after my shift and before my next shift. I need to put my daughter to sleep before my shift starts so that I won’t be disturb, sometimes she and her dad played while I’m working. As a result, I spent lesser time with my daughter than before. I even scold her every time she cries and I have to log out to attend to her, and with only 4 hours sleep a day, I got irritated easily. Many things have change since I started with my part-time job.

But the job didn’t last long. I got terminated because of some wrong answers. When I loosed the job, I asked myself why? I even asked GOD why this happen, I prayed for it, worked hard to get it, only to let it slip out of my hand. I came to the point that I asked my husband if he is disappointed and he answered “ WHY WOULD I BE DISAPPOINTED WHEN YOU HAVE MORE TIME FOR OUR DAUGHTER? SHES MORE IMPORTANT”. Then I suddenly realized that maybe It’s God's plan for me to realized on my own what I am losing in exchange of the money I’m earning. I realized that my daughter is more important than money, that money cannot really replace the times I didn’t spent with my her, that it’s better to spend as many times with her while she’s young because when she grows up, she will have her own world, her own friends and pears. And we do not know what will happen the next days, hours. I don’t want to have any regrets in the future. As my husband always said, ALWAYS trust in the Lord, because, HE knows all our needs, and He always answers at the RIGHT TIME.